Foodie – 2012

Foodie Poster

Foodie is a short, dark comedy horror film about a food service industry professional who receives and invitation to an exclusive, underground dinner party and finds out there’s much more on the menu than he bargained for.


Best Produced Screenplay – Short – 2014 Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest

Best Short Film – 2013 RoundCon Film Festival

Best Short Film – 2013 MonsterCon Film Festival

Best Film – 2013 Killuride Film Festival

Audience Award – North American Long-form Shot – 2013 Nevermore Film Festival

Best Horror – 2012 Mt Hood Independent Film Festival

Best Horror Short – 2012 Tucson Terrorfest

Best Original Fiction – 2012 ConCarolinas Short Film Festival


2012 Cape Fear Independent Film Festival

2012 Fright Night Film Fest

2012 DC Spooky Movie Fest

2012 Orlando Film Festival

2012 Charlotte Horror Fest

2012 Blood at the Beach Film Fest

2013 Carrboro Film Festival

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