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Knob Goblins – 2015

Knob Goblins Poster

Synopsis: As part of his final psychotherapy treatment, a mental patient is allowed to return to the basement of his deserted childhood home, so he can finally face his fears involving the death of his younger brother.


BEST HORROR SHORT – 2016 Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival

BEST HORROR – 2016 Cape Fear Independent Film Festival

BEST 80’s FLASHBACK SHORT FILM – 2016 Fantasmagorial Film Festival

BEST FX – 2016 Mad Monster Party Film Fest

BEST FX – 2016 Killuride Film Festival

DIRECTOR’S CHOICE – BEST DIRECTOR – 2016 Austin Revolution Film Festival

BEST LEAD ACTOR – MICHAEL RAY WILLIAMS – 2016 ConCarolinas Short Film Fest

HONORABLE MENTION – HORROR – 2016 Mysticon Independent Film Fest


2016 Nightmares Film Festival

2016 Fear Fete Horror Film Festival

2016 Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival

2016 CineScream Film Fest

2016 Fantastically Horrifying Cinema Fest

2016 The Halloween Horror Picture Show

2016 Upstate NY Horror Film Festival

2016 Atlanta Horror Film Festival

2016 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

2016 NOLA Horror Film Festival

2016 Nevermore Film Festival

2016 Liberty Massacre Film Festival

2016 FilmSPARK Film Festival

2016 Macabre Faire Film Festival

2016 Days of the Dead Film Festival

2016 Motor City Nightmares Film Fest

2016 BoneBat Comedy of Horrors Film Fest

2016 Portland Horror Film Festival

2016 Madhouse Movies Film Festival

2016 West End Summer Film Series

2015 NYC Horror Film Festival

2015 Spooky Movie International Film Festival

2015 Tucson Terrorfest: Horror Film Festival

2015 Carrboro Film Festival

2015 Orlando Film Festival

2015 Geek Short Film Festival

2015 Colorado Horror Con and Halloween Film Festival

2015 Baton Rouge Horror Film Festival



Disengaged – 2014


Disengaged is a story about a determined young woman who faces the daunting task of taking care of her neighbors after a post-apocalyptic event leaves them frozen in place.

In their review, Horror Society calls Disengaged “a nearly-perfect film.”

WINNER – Best Genre Film – 2015 filmSPARK Film Festival

WINNER – Best Horror Film – 2015 Cape Fear Independent Film Festival

WINNER – Best Produced Screenplay Short – 2015 Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival

NOMINATED for Best Poster, Director and Short Film – 2015 Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival

WINNER – Best Director & Best Special Effects – 2015 Killuride Film Festival

NOMINATED – Best Actress – Alena Koch – 2015 Killuride Film Festival

WINNER – Best in Show – 2015 Mysticon Independent Film Festival

WINNER – Neo/SciFi Award for Freshness and Originality – 2014 ConCarolinas Short Film Festival

WINNER – Best Short Film – 2014 ValhallaCon Film Festival

WINNER – Best Regional Short Film – 2014 MonsterCon Film Festival


2015 Austin Revolution Film Festival – NOMINATED for Best Horror Short

2015 San Antonio Horrific Film Fest – NOMINATED for Best Short Film, Produced Film, Special Effects and Actress

2015 Fantasmagorial Film Festival

2015 Scares the Care Film Festival

2015 Mad Monster Party Film Festival

2015 Pasadena Film Festival

2014 NYC Horror Film Festival

2014 Spooky Movie International Film Festival

2014 Carrboro Film Festival

2014 Orlando Film Festival

2014 Mt Hood Independent Film Festival

2014 Geek Short Film Festival

2014 Zompire The Undead Film Festival

2014 Salty Horror International Film Festival

2014 Fargo Fantastic Film Festival

2014 Holly Shorts Horror Nights

2014 AtomaCon Film Festival

2014 CineScream

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Foodie – 2012

Foodie Poster

Foodie is a short, dark comedy horror film about a food service industry professional who receives and invitation to an exclusive, underground dinner party and finds out there’s much more on the menu than he bargained for.


Best Produced Screenplay – Short – 2014 Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest

Best Short Film – 2013 RoundCon Film Festival

Best Short Film – 2013 MonsterCon Film Festival

Best Film – 2013 Killuride Film Festival

Audience Award – North American Long-form Shot – 2013 Nevermore Film Festival

Best Horror – 2012 Mt Hood Independent Film Festival

Best Horror Short – 2012 Tucson Terrorfest

Best Original Fiction – 2012 ConCarolinas Short Film Festival


2012 Cape Fear Independent Film Festival

2012 Fright Night Film Fest

2012 DC Spooky Movie Fest

2012 Orlando Film Festival

2012 Charlotte Horror Fest

2012 Blood at the Beach Film Fest

2013 Carrboro Film Festival

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Hard Stapled – 2008

A man finds that falling asleep at work can lead to some extremely action-packed dreams. This film is a homage to John Woo action films and it won Best Comedy Short at the 2008 All-American Film Festival.